Stainless Steel External Motor

Welcome to our blog, we would like to introduce the newest addition to our premium range of goods – T3 – Silverline Stainless Steel External Motor. Stainless Steel External Motor

This external motor is suitable for use with all of our ceiling, downdraft and counter extractors.

If you are fitting a ceiling extractor and do not have the space within your joist to fit a motor this is the ideal solution, very easy to install, just attach the stainless steel external motor to your external wall, attach the ducting and away you go.

If using with a downdraft of counter extractor again just attach to the outside wall above ground level, attach your ducting and you are done.

You’ll love its sleek and discreet lines, finished in high grade brushed stainless steel.

We have a time limited offer leading up to and during Christmas and New Year, with fantastic savings.

Guaranteed to make you the envy of your neighbours.

Silverline Cooker Hoods are guaranteed for 2 years.  We also have in-house engineers who are happy to give you advice prior to purchasing as well as during fitting.