Downdraft Extractors

Downdraft extractor hoods are a relatively new type of  designer cooker hood.  Unlike island hoods, downdraft cooker hoods are hidden away below your kitchen surface when not in use.  When it is in use, a downdraft hood doesn’t obstruct your view as the hood only rises 300mm above the work surface.

Downdraft extractors are a popular choice for people with a cooking island as it creates a very minimalist look as it is hidden away below the work surface when not in use.

Downdraft extractors can also be used on hobs that are close to the wall and not just islands, providing customers with more options and flexibility. You may require cooker hood ducting when purchasing your downdraft extractor fan of which we also supply.

You can use our designer downdraft hoods with a gas or electric hob.

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